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Kilt Pins

Victoria & Edward Kilt Pins Collection.

The designs, which have been chosen, are specifically intended to make fashion jewellery buying as easy and as pleasurable as possible, whether it is for your wedding, a very special loved one, a friend or simply a purchase for yourself.

Gold Finish, The result of Victoria & Edward's triple plating process, with it's final rich coating of 22 carat gold, guarantees consistency of colour and enduring quality.

Silver Finish, The softness and unique brilliance of sterling silver is captured during our triple plating process. To maintain its beautiful finish a further protective coating is then applied. Tarnishing will however occur naturally if the protective coating is damaged.

The Pearl Collection, The incandescent radiance of our simulated pearls are amongst the finest in the world, ensuring consistency of colour and lustre.

Nickel Allergy Free, An ever-increasing number of ladies suffer from Nickel allergy. Victoria & Edward endeavour to ensure that parts which come into direct contact with the skin on earrings, bracelets and necklaces are Nickel Allergy Free.

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